Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger sends message to the United States...

These very unhealthy trans unsaturated fatty acids are known to cause heart disease and other health problems. California has just said, "NO MORE"! This is a first great step to changing our country's health and saving lives.

Hopefully, all the other states will take notice and go into similar immediate action. But our health problems that have been set in motion over decades won't be so easily reversed. Unfortunately, it will take time and this means our obesity problem will continue to grow and likely millions more will die considering that over half a million Americans die yearly from heart disease.

I am supportive of California's effort because as consumers of a product (food), we should have a presumption of innocence regarding our food. By that I mean that the food should be innocent of creating harm to our bodies. When we eat, we should not have to guard ourselves or be concerned that it is toxic in any way.

We must rely on those that feed us to be responsible and look out for our needs, safety and health. But this does not negate our personal responsibility to eat better, make healthier choices and do all we can individually to create wellness from within. I think we may be moving in the right direction, however, I do have a concern that by replacing trans fats with soybean oil as stated in the ABC article will create a host of other health issues. Yes, I know most people think soy is wonderful. However, soy has its own problems.

Back in 1995, the Israeli Health Ministry created a thirteen member team of oncologists, nutritionists and other specialists to study soy. Their conclusion:

Soy adversely affects the body in many ways and should be minimally eaten or not at all. The estrogen like plant hormones in soy can cause hormonal and reproductive problems and even cancer. They even advised a ban on soy based infant formula.

Many years of doing food allergy tests on patients have shown a high percentage have soy issues. Often times these are not full blown allergic symptoms but sensitivities. They can manifest as an array of symptoms that a person would not suspect a seemingly harmless food to be the cause.

As always, stay informed, eat as naturally as possible, and take good nutritional supplementation. I also highly recommend a food sensitivity test for everyone. It is highly informative and can change your life. Call my office or go to our website at to read more.

Also, check out the rest of the trans fat story on ABC news at

Learn more about trans fat at

P.S. I think I'm going to write to Arnold and suggest they change all state signs and license plates to read "First trans fat free state"! What do you think?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Healing Hands, Loving Heart, Faith In God

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you a beautiful gift I was recently surprised with. A long time patient who has become an absolute cherished friend drew something especially for me. I love it so much that I didn't want to keep it to myself. So here it is...

My friend, Lisa Daidone, drew this in charcoal. As you continue to look at it you become increasingly captivated by all the beautiful elements. It is mesmerizing, some would even say spiritual and hypnotic. The more I look at it and reflect on it, the more it speaks to me on different levels. I have always enjoyed different forms of art, but have never been one to sit and observe and then over analyze a piece for all its meaning. This piece is different. Maybe because I know and love Lisa so much or because I am familiar with the subject matter. Or because I know the love Lisa put into the art. I think it's probably all this and more.

Certainly at first glance everyone should notice that there are hands and these hands are giving life enhancing spinal adjustments. The hands are mine though I didn't pose for the picture. The lower left hand shows my wedding ring. The figure could be a man or a woman. Or perhaps it's Jesus? Or perhaps it's representative of every human that is touched is bringing me closer to God (or any other person that helps another human being). Certainly the heart leaps out of the picture representing love, caring and the commonality of all people (the vessel that gives us all life). The heart must be taken care of and any caring of the human frame touches the heart, embraces it and protects it. You may also notice the subtlety of the cross paying homage and respect to my faith.

Although the picture is vertical I invite you to see it from my perspective which is to say that of a chiropractor leaning over a patient who is face down on an adjusting table. If you can imagine laying the picture down on a table and looking at it from above this is what I would see as my hands palpate and treat the patient. So each patient becomes even more important because each has Jesus (God) within him/her. Therefore, my responsibility to that individual (or any chiropractor) is breathtaking, awe inspiring and overwhelming. Anyone caring for another human being would or should think or experience the same thing. But to see this in a piece of art is a great awareness generator and constant reminder.

As I said earlier, the more I look, the more I think, the more I see. I hope you enjoy looking at this piece as much as I do. I've displayed it prominently in the front of my office for all to view. If you have an opportunity please come and look at it. You may get to see some of Lisa's other pieces as I plan to display some for her.

P.S. I'd love to hear your interpretation and insights about my picture. I think it speaks volumes more than Lisa even intended. Let me know...Thanks!

As Always, Yours In Health,

Dr. Rick Barrett