Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making Beautiful Music Together

You may recall, I was inspired to write a couple of prayers. One is in my book, Healed by Morning, the other hasn't been published in a body of work yet.

Recently, I was also inspired to turn these prayers into songs and to record my Affirmation of Service from the book, Give to Live.

With the help of my good friend and talented musician/producer, Todd Silva and two awesome friend, Gail Best and my sister, Kathleen Woods,we are making some beautiful music together. I know you will love it!

I'm very excited about this project and can't wait to share the final product with you. You will be blown away!

More to come soon...

Monday, February 22, 2010

We Received An Inspiring Phone Call--You'll Love To Hear About!

During a very busy day with patients, Mary took a phone call from a woman in Florida. That in itself is not particularly unusual, of course. We routinely receive calls from people in other states to purchase books or nutritional products. But what she wanted was to ship us something. The something?...A wheelchair!

She started by telling Mary this story. She had taken a friend to a doctor’s appointment at the hospital and naturally had to wait for her. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to bring a book to occupy her time. Looking for a magazine to read, she felt drawn to The Daily Word magazine that lay amongst a large variety of other magazines. She picked it up and read an article by Laura Harvey called, “A Passion for Giving”. It tells about how I became a medical missionary, why I continue to do it and why everyone needs to find an outlet to give. There’s a great photo of me pushing a young man in a wheelchair with his cousin and father in the background. Actually, I had him leaning back in the chair as I “popped a wheelie” with him. It was great fun, especially because it gave him new freedom. He rarely got out of the house unless someone carried him out. The article mentions him and the wheelchair we donated. We didn’t know who would benefit from the chair but we were guided to him. It was a perfect match. It even had a seatbelt…which he needed.

Well, the woman from Florida was so moved by the article, that she told her husband about it when she returned home. He became inspired and reminded his wife that they possessed a new wheelchair that had been her mother’s. At that moment they decided to contact our office and ship the wheelchair to me. Their intention is for me to bring it on my next medical mission and donate it to just the right person.

Isn’t it wonderful how a short article like that can move people to such great action? That wheelchair will soon find a new home and be of use and comfort to other people far from its original home. Countless lives may benefit from it over a lifetime. And what of that couple in Florida? What else will they do? I doubt it’s over for them.

I’m confident if they aren’t already in service to others, they will be now. I wonder who else may have read the article and been inspired to take action in their own way? The ripple effect may be endless.

To some, the donation of a wheelchair may seem somewhat insignificant in the scope of world problems. But to the people whose lives are enhanced by it…it’s priceless.

What kind of change could we see in our lifetime if everyone was “tuned in” the way those folks were. They listened to inspiration, their inner voice, intuition, the nudge from God. Whatever it was, they not only listened, but took the next critical step that so many ignore—they took action. It’s a lesson we can all learn from. Listen and act. I invite you to read the Daily Word article, the magazine is wonderful and I know you’ll love it! To view the article visit the Daily Word website at

Yours In Service,
Dr. Rick Barrett

Friday, February 19, 2010

We Just Became Godparents!

Mary and I were privileged to become Godparents to our nephew, Matthew! We had a beautiful ceremony in which he was welcomed by the entire church.

It’s wonderful to see the joy and feel the energy that a baby can bring to people. In today’s world we need more of that joy and energy.

Matthew is nine months old and a hefty little guy. At one point during the ceremony, the priest asked for the Godparents to hold him for a blessing. Some how I was elected. As I stood holding Matthew, in the blink of an eye he thrust his right hand out towards a large lit candle that stood next to us. There with his little fingers, he scooped up some of the soft warm wax and proceeded to put it in his mouth! I was looking the other way and didn’t even see it happen. He apparently has no fear of fire and it didn’t trouble him at all. In fact, he liked it!

As we scooped little bits of wax out of his mouth, I thought, “Oh, well, this is it. I’ve only been a Godparent for five minutes and their going to revoke my privileges, cancel my contract and solicit a new Godfather.” But they gave me a pass on this one…whew!

What each parent wants, what each parishioner hopes for is that this child will survive, thrive and have opportunities in life that perhaps they didn’t have. That he will become a valuable member of our world community. That he will live his life with honor and integrity and treat others with love, kindness and generosity. That this child will live without hate and prejudice, and compassion fills his heart. That this child will do the good and honorable things that perhaps we were not able to do. That this child and every new child becomes a second chance…an opportunity for us to redeem ourselves…to be the hope for a peaceful world.

Dr. Rick Barrett

P.S. I ask that you place a blessing on Matthew in your own way and on all the newborns of the world…thank you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Would You Walk A Mile In My Shoes?

I can hear that question reverberating in the minds of the poor.

Well…can we?

Will we?

Each person must answer those questions for themselves. One man though says yes to show his commitment! To changing the lives of the poor, Bob Hentzen will walk 8,000 miles from San Lucas Toleman Guatemala to Valparaiso, Chile! This is an arduous journey for anyone let alone Bob. He is 73 years old!

This is also his second walk to show solidarity with the impoverished. His first walk, three years ago, was a mere 4,000 miles.

Why walk?

Bob feels that “those living in poverty can feel forgotten by the rest of the world.”
He simply wants to say to the poor, “You are not alone...” and “I love you”.
Bob started walking December 29th, 2009 and anticipates a sixteen month journey taking him some 8,000 plus miles through twelve countries.

Hentzen is the president and co-founder of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

They serve more than 182,000 children, youth and the aging in the twelve countries Bob will walk through, and more than 310,000 worldwide!

Their commitment to changing lives over many years is to be applauded and marveled at. Hentzen displays extraordinary courage and dedication as he embarks on this 8,000 mile journey to walk in the shoes of the poor.

He has given me pause to reflect on my own journey and willingness to serve and to review my commitment towards the betterment of humanity.

Bob is an inspiration to me. A new year affords us another opportunity to reevaluate the direction of our lives.

As we set goals for 2010 and beyond in all areas of our lives, we should remember to set goals for giving. Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves harder, deeper questions. What more can I do? What can I be a part of that creates change in the world-- in one town, in one family, in one life.

What can I create?—maybe an organization, a fund, or something else. Who can I partner with? Who else shares my beliefs or has the same concerns? What gifts, talents, and resources do I have to offer?

As you look into the mirror of your soul evaluate what you see. Are you happy with it? Is there more to be done? Where do you see yourself?

Listen to inspiration that may be whispering softly or even shouting loudly to you. The nudge in your soul may be divine inspiration from the creator that will also guide you create a plan. Take action, enjoy the journey, experience the emotion, and reap the rewards.

Your journey may take you on a walk like Bob Hentzen or on countless other paths. The possibilities are limitless. We can create all that we wish to create for ourselves and others in an abundant world.

You can follow Bob Hentzen on his amazing, inspirational journey, by going to

If you’d like to learn more about the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging go to

A useful tool for your own journey is the Acts of Service Journal in Give to Live. Both are free! Simply go to

Whose feet are those before you?
They have walked a thousand miles
Through hardship, pain, and suffering
They have weathered worldly trials

Searching for their destination
These way-weary feet
Travel ever onward
Ignoring sand, sun, and heat

The way is rarely easy
The path not always clear
Still they keep on searching
Hoping home is somewhere near

A place of final resting
Of beauty, love, and peace
Where the bonds of earthly torment
Will finally gain release

Someone waits to wash those feet
To soothe the pain away
Cleansing the sins of human life
Along with dirt and clay

Whose feet are those before you?
They seek a heavenly goal
Perhaps the feet of Jesus
Perhaps those of your soul

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Secret to Receiving More

Like me, you've probably been studying
manifestation and the Law of Attraction
for a long time, or maybe it's something
new to you.

Perhaps you've seen the movie, The
Secret and were energized by it, but you
felt something was missing.

Likely you've had some success with the law
of attraction, manifesting certain experiences,
material possessions, a little money, or
relationships into your life

Even if you weren't quite sure how it works.

But even if you fully understand the Law of may still have abundance
that eludes you somehow.

There's still something more that you want.

You may know all the secrets to wealth and
getting what you want, but if you don't know
how to give and receive... all the secrets in
the world won't help you.

Let me explain...

Our brains have something called a reticular
activating system (RAS). This system tends to
lock in and only let you see what your belief
system accepts as reality. If you don't believe
it, you cannot see it.

This means that you may already have what you've
tried to manifest into your life -- right in front
of you. But because this part of your brain
doesn't believe it, this system will lock you
out of experiencing what you don't believe
you deserve.

Your manifestation system may be working just
fine. But your belief system may be blocking you
from accepting, experiencing, and receiving all
that the universe has in store for you.

What can you do about this?

Dr. Joe Vitale, Mark Ryan, and I traveled to
Macchu Picchu, Peru last year. There, we were
inspired to create a special edition Subliminal
Manifestation DVD on just this issue. You can
read about it -- and see a video excerpt -- here:

This special subliminal DVD teaches your
unconscious mind to shift that around, to
make your reticular activating system open
up and train it to work with the natural flow
of giving and receiving.

This DVD works with both your conscious and
unconscious mind to open you up to giving and
receiving all that the abundance the universe has
in store for you.

The DVD starts with a 25-minute interview with
Dr. Joe Vitale and myself about how to open
these processes inside yourself. Both Dr. Vitale
and myself were in a heightened state of bliss
during this interview, as it was conducted on top
of sacred Macchu Picchu in Peru.

Watch as our positive energy flows out, inspiring
you consciously to understand this critical flow
of giving and receiving.

The next segment is a spectacular, moving
20-minute piece filmed in Macchu Picchu.

Watching this video of nature's beautiful,
sacred abundance, coupled with a
special musical piece composed specifically
for this video, opens you up to levels of ancient
understanding deep within you. You can actually
*feel* this when you watch the video.

You might see little flickers on the subliminal
portion of the video, as you relax and watch.

They are just a little faster than your conscious
mind can grasp, but not too fast for your
unconscious. In this way, we bypass the
conscious mind's objections and blocks,
and you will gently stir the deeper understanding
of the cycle of giving and receiving within you.

Hypnotist Mark J. Ryan's smooth hypnotic voice
guides you through this special 20-minute video.
Mark's expertise in hypnosis, NLP (neurolinguistic
programming), and subliminal video skills
encourage your RAS to begin opening
and seeing the abundance and wealth you
already have in so many areas of your life.

As you watch and use this video, you will begin to
see your world through new eyes... eyes that begin
to believe and see that you are always getting all
that you deserve and desire... by learning how to
properly receive -- and how to properly give to

And how to allow more -- to begin to finally
attract what has been eluding you.

Imagine *that*.

Here's the bonus to this learning: as you start to
receive more, it amplifies your manifesting. As
you open and receive more, it adds to your own
experience, thus changing your experience,
which also solidifies your new belief systems.

I am sure you have heard the saying, "The rich get
richer and the poor get poorer." Well that is the
result of a receiving feedback loop. In one loop,
you are open and receive more... in the latter,
you don't believe you should receive more and
so you receive less.

Are you beginning to see how powerful this is?

When you receive plenty and more than sufficient
supply, you then are more open to giving because
you have more to give, and the desire to give
increases as well.

So now you have a system that both pushes and
pulls in the same direction. How much faster do
you expect things to improve in your life when you
have one engine pushing and another pulling in the
same direction? When you've been living with
two engines pulling in opposite directions,
the improvement will feel dramatic.

If you have that much energy working for you,
why not have it work in the same direction?

Why not finally get in alignment to attract
all that you long for?

The Subliminal Manifestation Special Edition
Give to Live: Clearing Blocks to Receiving will
be selling for $69.99 but for a limited time we
are offering it for an introductory rate of only

The DVD includes:

* a 4 minute introduction
* 25 minute interview between Dr. Vitale and me
* 20 minute Master Subliminal "Clearing Blocks
to Receiving" video

As a bonus, I am giving away the
digital version of my highly acclaimed and
"Give to Live" book, on which this special DVD is
based. It also includes Dr. Joe Vitale's wonderful
and powerful "Greatest Money Making Secret in
History" book.

Get yours now and start seeing all that is yours
that is right in front of you -- and more.

Just go to --

"It is one of the most beautiful
compensations of this life that no man can
sincerely try to help another without
helping himself." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wishing you great success, health, happiness...
and more!
Dr. Rick Barrett

PS -- Honoring the Divine flow of giving and
receiving, partial proceeds will be donated to
our charities.

Just go here now --