Dare to Break Through the Pain

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Millions of Americans suffer daily with neck pains, low back pains, other discomforts for which they "pop pills" or even worse--get operations that work sometimes... and sometimes not. University and government studies, many done in the past five years, have shown that chiropractic care should be a first-choice treatment for many of these problems... ...We are a society that has been over-drugged, over-dosed, and over- operated. We have been taught to reach for pills to aid our pleasure and relieve our pains. We have spread our fannies sitting down rather than our arms and legs doing helpful exercise. Our medical model since childhood has taught us to "look to the doctor" for our answers, rather than to look to the wisdom of our body for healing. ...Second, this book is YOUR chance to share with your friends and family what really IS possible in the world of medicine today: your body CAN heal, your future CAN look brighter, and many times this can happen WITHOUT DRUGS AND SURGERY!

John Parks Trowbridge, M.D., FACA Fellow, American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery, Fellow, American Board of Biologic Reconstructive Therapy Past, President, Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine Finally, a book that gives you drug-free and surgery-free choices for managing pain! This book defines healthcare for the future.

Vickie Alleman,
President, Natural Medicine Healthcare Systems
Houston , TX

A wonderful health book for the lay person. Statistics, facts and testimonials to show the benefits of chiropractic health care. A must for every family.

John T. Friedrichs, D.C.
East Troy , WI

Having read Dare to Break Through the Pain, I was very impressed. It is an informative, comprehensive reference work. I feel all my patients would benefit from reading this easy-to-follow text. Thank you Dr. Barrett. I look forward to handing out many copies.

Charles Hensley, D.C.
Austin , Texas

Some are skilled. Some are gifted. Dr. Rick Barrett is both. Following his guidance outlined in his book has facilitated the natural healing process in my body to overcome a condition which three neurosurgeons said could only have been surgically corrected. Thank you Dr. Barrett, you made a marked difference in my life between existing and living.

Tracie Mao,
Author of Missing the Moments.
Ordained Minister and Counselor
Sugar Land , TX

Dare to Break Through the Pain can offer employees alternatives to surgery and drugs for treating back pain and other health issues. These alternatives can mean a quicker recovery (less time spent away from the work place), less stress on co-workers, disease prevention and as a result, a reduction in company benefit costs.

Kathy Meyer
Meyer Consulting Group
Sugar Land , TX

Dr. Barrett’s writings can and will help in the day to day need for information on health care and the problems and solutions associated with the human condition. Once read they cement the importance of staying healthy and avoiding illness and injury through chiropractic care and information.

Gary Pomeroy
President, Chiropractic America
Pennsauken , NJ

An outstanding, practical guide that enables you to take a vital part in improving your health. Any one who reads it can not fail to learn from it. As a health professional, I recommend it to those searching for health alternatives.

M. Johanna Powell, NCTMB. RMT
Houston , TX

This book provides the reader not only information that is essential to their health but also practical steps they can use.

Dr. David Singer
Clearwater , FL