Healed By Morning

“Healed by Morning” transformed how I think about healing and medicine! It helped my through a personal medical challenge and motivated me to go from getting a monthly massage to two each month! I am thankful to have met you and your book will bring me greater health I am sure”.

Here to Help You,

Terri Levine, President,

Dr. Rick, Just a quick note to say a big “Thank You” for your sincere friendship. Your courage to give back your time by helping me know that there is nothing to fear but fear itself and to know that I do not walk alone as I look to embrace life’s lessons. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and for showing me as well as others that at any moment we can make a decision to change one’s direction. I read your prayer out loud everyday before my day starts as well as before I retire. I find myself sharing this prayer every week with people I know and don’t know so that they too can find the love and strength from within. You emulate a simple rule I once read that says,

“The more you give of yourself with no expectation of return, the more that will come back to you from the most unexpected sources.” ~Brian Tracy

Thanks Again,

Dr. Jim Marks


What other People Have to Say About This Book

“There are people that you meet in life that have special gifts and callings. Having known Dr. Rick Barrett for a while, I came to realize he is that rare person that possesses both. He was called to be a Chiropractor so that through the healing touch of Chiropractic, he can see the lives of people change and through the gift of writing, he can touch the very heart and soul of mankind. I consider his new book, “Healed by Morning”, a masterpiece. If after reading this book, you are not completely on focus and have a purpose for life then read the book again. I read this book when I was going through a very desperate time in my life and I can truthfully say this book helped save my life. Thank you, Dr. Barrett, for using that special gift God gave you and don’t ever quit.”

Dr. Darrell Petrey

“I am blown away by this book! I believe that it is going to bring much healing. This is one of the best things I have ever read. It is that good! I believe that it is inspired by God!”

Pat Kushnir

“I was privileged to read a “rough” copy of Dr. Barrett’s book and was touched by his desire to offer hope to those plagued by pain that there are practical ways to manage it by chiropractic. His desire to help others is a thread which runs throughout his text.”

“Healing is a complex process, but encouragement to seek it from a mentor such as Dr. Barrett can be an exciting adventure. Believing oneself worthy to be healed was a message Jesus gave to those He touched and healed. Dr. Barrett’s care for patients’ recoveries is contagious; His positive comments belie his faith in the healing process as well as an individual’s duty to participate in his/her own healing.”

“In addition to expert manipulation of the spine, his knowledge of nutrition and its impact of health is a bonus. Upon his recommendation of certain herbal remedies, including herbal tea and fiber, my overall health has improved. Because I believe God created us, it seems a caring Creator also gave us plants, which are compatible with our bodies’ healing systems. He enables patients to practice self-care to maintain optimum health.”

“ Healed by Morning symbolizes the beginning step essential to good health, a favorable attitude. My hope is that this book will have a life changing impact on its readers.”

Barbara Boothe Loyd