Saturday, February 6, 2010

Would You Walk A Mile In My Shoes?

I can hear that question reverberating in the minds of the poor.

Well…can we?

Will we?

Each person must answer those questions for themselves. One man though says yes to show his commitment! To changing the lives of the poor, Bob Hentzen will walk 8,000 miles from San Lucas Toleman Guatemala to Valparaiso, Chile! This is an arduous journey for anyone let alone Bob. He is 73 years old!

This is also his second walk to show solidarity with the impoverished. His first walk, three years ago, was a mere 4,000 miles.

Why walk?

Bob feels that “those living in poverty can feel forgotten by the rest of the world.”
He simply wants to say to the poor, “You are not alone...” and “I love you”.
Bob started walking December 29th, 2009 and anticipates a sixteen month journey taking him some 8,000 plus miles through twelve countries.

Hentzen is the president and co-founder of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

They serve more than 182,000 children, youth and the aging in the twelve countries Bob will walk through, and more than 310,000 worldwide!

Their commitment to changing lives over many years is to be applauded and marveled at. Hentzen displays extraordinary courage and dedication as he embarks on this 8,000 mile journey to walk in the shoes of the poor.

He has given me pause to reflect on my own journey and willingness to serve and to review my commitment towards the betterment of humanity.

Bob is an inspiration to me. A new year affords us another opportunity to reevaluate the direction of our lives.

As we set goals for 2010 and beyond in all areas of our lives, we should remember to set goals for giving. Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves harder, deeper questions. What more can I do? What can I be a part of that creates change in the world-- in one town, in one family, in one life.

What can I create?—maybe an organization, a fund, or something else. Who can I partner with? Who else shares my beliefs or has the same concerns? What gifts, talents, and resources do I have to offer?

As you look into the mirror of your soul evaluate what you see. Are you happy with it? Is there more to be done? Where do you see yourself?

Listen to inspiration that may be whispering softly or even shouting loudly to you. The nudge in your soul may be divine inspiration from the creator that will also guide you create a plan. Take action, enjoy the journey, experience the emotion, and reap the rewards.

Your journey may take you on a walk like Bob Hentzen or on countless other paths. The possibilities are limitless. We can create all that we wish to create for ourselves and others in an abundant world.

You can follow Bob Hentzen on his amazing, inspirational journey, by going to

If you’d like to learn more about the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging go to

A useful tool for your own journey is the Acts of Service Journal in Give to Live. Both are free! Simply go to

Whose feet are those before you?
They have walked a thousand miles
Through hardship, pain, and suffering
They have weathered worldly trials

Searching for their destination
These way-weary feet
Travel ever onward
Ignoring sand, sun, and heat

The way is rarely easy
The path not always clear
Still they keep on searching
Hoping home is somewhere near

A place of final resting
Of beauty, love, and peace
Where the bonds of earthly torment
Will finally gain release

Someone waits to wash those feet
To soothe the pain away
Cleansing the sins of human life
Along with dirt and clay

Whose feet are those before you?
They seek a heavenly goal
Perhaps the feet of Jesus
Perhaps those of your soul

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