Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Mom...

I think she just made seminar history... the oldest seminar attendee! But even if she didn't, she certainly was a hit! Everybody loved her. She was unforgettable, delightful, charming, and loving. All these things I already know about her.

We just spent the weekend in Austin, Texas for the Attract Wealth Seminar with Joe Vitale, Mark Ryan and with some other great speakers. I'll get back to that in one moment.

This was the first seminar my mom ever attended in her life!! Mary and I were thrilled she attended as were Joe, Mark and a host of other people. She really livened up the room with her energy and enthusiasm. Partaking in group sessions and really involving herself and interacting with people. Coming off a very hard year (2008) and this means even more than you could know. But beyond that, she made a few breakthroughs and has some goals she wants to accomplish such as picking art back up and publishing a cookbook.

This was also a great test run for a new pair of very "funky" looking glasses she just got that week. You see, mom has glaucoma and really has a tough time seeing clearly. These new glasses are basically like having two telescopic lenses glued to the normal lense which allows her to see distance and then a second attachment that gets added to one lense that's more like a microscope lense that allows her to read. They worked great! She could distinguish features of people and even read the charts and drawings that the presenters were using on stage!

But it's a little shocking when you look at her wearing them because they look like a hybrid of welding glasses and mad scientist glasses. Weird but functional! One woman was so impressed by mom and her glasses, she wants to get a pair for her mother too! So on many levels, the seminar was a great success.

She also got to meet and hang out with some really great people like Reverend Will Bowen who is the author of the great book, A Complaint Free World. Will and I share a few commonalities. He lives just outside Kansas City where I went to chiropractic college. He is an avid supporter of chiropractic seeing his chiropractor regularly. He was afflicted with the same childhood spinal condition as I. Will also loved my new book with Joe Vitale, Give to Live, The Real Secret to Manifesting Life's Rewards.

In fact, Will wrote a glowing endorsement which is on the back cover. He said, "I've known the power of giving money to, in turn, receive more money for years and have used this principle to manifest abundance in my life. Give to Live not only gives practical and inspiring guidance on how to give and, thereby, receive more money; it provides profound and inspiring truths about giving our selves in service to others. After reading Give to Live, I was so inspired I am leading a trip to Tanzania, Africa this summer to build a birthing center there. If we all give what we have, it not only will be enough, it will reset our collective emotional compass and make us happy in the process. This joy attracts even more prosperity so we can give even more and the magnificent cycle of abundance continues. This is the message of Give to Live."

It was great to see him at the seminar.

Jon Biel was also at the seminar with Kent McBride. They started the Make the Difference Network after Kent heard my presentation in Austin a few years ago about The Power of Giving. This is an awesome website that connects the people with causes and charities. I urge all of you to check out Make the Difference Network at

This is a great way for all of us to support those causes one believes in. Jon also loved the Give to Live book and wrote a beautiful endorsement that's in the book. He said, "Give to Live is a MUST READ for everyone! Dr. Rick Barrett's passion and commitment to making change in the world, and his persuasive exhortation for all the book's readers to experience the joys and rewards of giving, exude from the pages of Give to Live. And nobody weaves his own personal experiences and insights (and those of other successful thought leaders) into powerful and universally applicable 'laws,' we all can understand and follow, better than Dr. Joe Vitale. Thank you, both, for this inspiring reminder of the 'power of giving.'"

Another celebrity at the seminar was Miss America (1962)! She was very energetic and lots of fun.

So between all of those people and others, we had a great seminar and mom proved to all of us it's never too late to learn, change and take new action! I am blessed by her in my life.

Love, health and happiness,
Dr. Rick

P.S. The Give to Live book is going strong. We've received some very strong and positive e-mails like this:

Hi Rick,

I want to thank you so much for the give to live ebook. I received it from a friend in Florida as I have always used as my tagline To Give is to Live. How true are those words. I received it on January 1st and was thinking about my goals and how I give too much which sometimes holds me back in my business life. It was like a sign to never change and continue on giving to give and it will come back to you.
Just wanted to let you know that this book and the timing of the book has touched my life and if I can ever do anything to help, please let me know.
To GIVE is to LIVE...

And yet another...

Dear Dr. Barrett,

I have just finished reading Give to Live. It is without a doubt the most inspiring book I have ever read. I have read a lot of books during my 67 years on earth. Whilst reading the book I was moved to set up a free help website for Executives in the UK who have been made redundant as a result of the current recession.
I know that the executives who receive help from me and my mentors
will bless you.
Thank you for making me so happy.

And people are requesting it to be translated to Chinese, French, German and Spanish! I can't wait to see what's next. Please help me with my goal to send the Give to Live message around the globe. E-mail everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Tell them to get their free e-book at

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I Wanna Give Now said...

Hi Rick

First off your blog looks awesome. I love purple. Of course blue is my favorite colour.

Second your book Give to Live is amazing. It has opened my mind to think of other ways to be a giver.

You see it was Joe Vitale book(Part II of your book that inspired me to take action.) And although it took 6 months in Oct 2008 I finally had my site up and running.

Imagine a bald guy in a blue house giving away money. Well that is what happens on my website.

I was inspired to give back to all of my great teachers on this amazing journey called life.

I hope by sharing my story that others will realize that they are powerful beings made of greatness.

I also want to circulate money around the world to share with everyone because they are a part of me(actually me in a different form).

I thank you for your inspiring work. I share your information with everyone I meet.


David Slocobe