Monday, March 16, 2009

The Virtue of Gratitude

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And so it is with this one. We wanted to share it with you. It was found in a magazine--photographer unknown. The caption reads..."Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others." The photograph is as beautiful and thought provoking as are Cicero's words. It felt right to share it with you. Enjoy it.

Sometimes it is hard to be grateful when one is mired in pain and suffering. Loss and hardship will affect us all in our life times. It is part of the human experience. For some certainly, unfortunately, more than others.

But even during the worst of circumstance each one of us can truly find at least one thing to be grateful for. And if we can feel a true, real visceral emotion attached to this, a positive, higher energy will be created. Thus begins an attraction of other things to be grateful for and allows goodness, love and light to penetrate the darkness, despair and hopelessness we felt.

More opportunities, better circumstances, the right people start to flow into the void. Opportunities that perhaps didn't exist before! Now mysteriously almost magically appear!

Life energy begins to radiate from you as you blossom again and allow your goodness, love and light to spill out of you into others lives becoming a beacon of hope for them.

Now you are helping, giving, and serving others, perhaps not even realizing how your life has changed. You have been elevated to a higher level of consciousness and now have even more to be grateful for.

So it is with gratitude. Focusing on gratitude works hand in hand with giving. We (Dr. Rick and Dr. Joe) continue to be grateful on so many levels; for the love you have given us on the Give to Live book. For the beautiful e-mails. For sharing and continuing to send messages to others to get the book. For the giving/serving that you are doing in the World. For sending donations to continue Rudy's Stove Project with the Nahuatl Indigenous of Mexico... and much, much more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We love you and are truly grateful to each and everyone of you.

Sharing our life stories not only keeps us connected on a human level, but more importantly, on a spiritual level.

We received so many touching e-mails and can't possibly share them all. But from time to time, we'd like to open up a window to the World and have you look at the view from another person's vantage point.

This is a beautifully, inspiring e-mail that we are grateful for. You will love it...

"Dear Dr. Barrett,

My name is Esty and I live in Israel. I would like to thank you and Dr. Joe Vitale for your heart warming book. For years, I have been giving Reiki to my family, my friends and my pupils as my service to my community. Since one is not allowed to give Reiki treatments for free, everyone paid me the same fee: two kisses and a hug. It felt great!

Two years ago, I had a car accident and I lost most of my ability to see. The worst part, was that I could not read. For the first time in my life, I needed the help of others. Believe me, this is not easy. I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful man who ordered a special pair of glasses for me and he practically saved my life.

Your book reminded me how much good I have in my life and how much I should be grateful for...and yes, how much I still CAN give!

Thank you both again for showing me the way. I was lost."

Serving You,
Dr. Rick Barrett and Dr. Joe Vitale

P.S. We need more people like you and so does the planet. We are confident that you will continue to send the Give to Live message and live the Give to Live life! Always remember to use the Acts of Service Journal, read the daily affirmation, tell others to get their freee e-book at and printed books can be purchased by simply going to

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