Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Prayer Was Rejected…And I Was Shocked!

I was attending a book signing with a few other authors at the One Woman Business Conference held at the Omni Hotel in Houston, Texas when the strangest thing happened.

Many years ago, I created a postcard with a prayer I wrote and a photo I had taken of a beautiful waterfall—the same prayer that appears in my book, Healed by Morning.
I have thousands of these prayer postcards that I have given out since 2000.

They are in my office; we give them to patients, when I give a speech I hand them out. In other words, I am very liberal with them. While at the conference, I had them at my table and when I walked around the hotel, I gave them to everyone I came in contact with—hundreds of people!

I always asked, “May I give you a prayer?”

Everyone was always excited and usually said, “Oh, yes, I love prayers.”

Everyone but one! He was a porter that helped me transport my books to the table.
I said to him, “I’d like to give you a gift.” As I stretched out my hand towards him, I said, “This is a prayer that I wrote.”

Immediately, he literally backed up, shook his hand in a negative way as to stop and oppose the gesture. And what he said absolutely shocked me…

He said, “I don’t want the prayer, I’m Muslim." He then continued with, “I pray five times a day.”

As he was saying this, he was attempting to walk away.

Though I couldn’t believe my ears, I walked towards him stretching out my hand.
I said, “That’s wonderful, this prayer is not about any one religion”. “I think you’ll like it but if it doesn’t resonate with you, pass it on.”

I then also gave him the Affirmation of Service postcard and explained the Give to Live book principle and our intention of helping everyone in all countries, of every faith.

He took the cards and went on his way. What he did with them I don’t know. This was the first time over all the years of handing out thousands of cards, that I encountered this.

I live and work in a very diverse community. My patients are Christians (of all types of denominations), Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. They are all loving, accepting good people who embrace their faiths, life and community.

I guess I was so shocked (even though he did accept the cards because I persevered), that I told several people about it that day.

Everyone was as amazed as I was and shared their thoughts on it with me. One person even said, “I guess the praying he does five times a day isn’t working!”

I suppose I have to agree.

For me, I’m honored and happy when someone gives me a prayer or says a prayer for me.
I want as much of this as I can get, from every source possible.

I wouldn’t tell someone, “Oh, don’t bother praying for me, you’re a Buddhist.”

How quickly this man reacted and seemed offended was, as I said—shocking. I don’t know what went through his mind or what life experiences he’s had to cause that reaction. My hope was that when he had a moment to think about it, and read the cards that he was enriched in some way.

And I hope that if they didn’t touch him, that he passed them on to another who might benefit.

Here is the Affirmation of Service and Prayer…

Enjoy, use them, and pass them on:

Affirmation of Service
I choose to carry out my day as if it is my last.
I will give freely and unconditionally that which I can.
I will provide service to one or more persons
With or without their knowledge.
Thought coupled with action equals change, therefore,
As I think and act,
I can and will create positive changes in my community and world.
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve humanity today.

Lord God, you are my Creator. I love you. I am party of you,
Therefore I cannot fail! I cannot fail, because you cannot fail! I am capable of everything,
Ultimate health, happiness and success.
Because I am part of you and you are completely capable, every good wish I have, I can have,
Because you wish it for me.
I will not linger in darkness and doubt because the Spirit of Your Light illuminates my way!
You are in me and I am one with you,
Together we can accomplish miracles.

We must all find ways to serve one another—to love and be loved.
Serving You,
Dr. Rick Barrett

P.S. Two movies you might enjoy are Emmanuel’s Gift and Kundun.
Remember that giving begins with you! Go and serve someone today! It's a great way to "Give to Live"!

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