Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Huge Blessing From Rudy

Recently I was able to deliver $1000 more to Rudy to build ecological
stoves for the Nahuatl families. These funds are from donations by
people who have read about Rudy's work in our book,
Give to Live; The Real Secret to Manifesting Life's Rewards.

Those of you who have donated are making a huge impact on the lives
of the Nahuatl people.

One blessing of the internet is that we can stay in touch with Rudy on a
regular basis and continually update you on his work.

He sent me the following e-mail specifically to give his thanks to you.

I know you'll enjoy it.


Dear Friends,

Yes, the money got here. I went to the ATM this morning and withdrew
half of it. I shall do the rest tomorrow. I have already gone to the
hardware store and have paid for tin pipes, elbows and four bags of

Thank you very much for this help. Like I said yesterday, I will do four
stoves per village to start with, and later do the rest. I hope I can stretch this money and do 40 or 44 stoves. I will take pictures as it makes progress, and send you some so that you can show them to the people there. I know they want to know where their money goes and what is done with it.

The NAHUATL natives and I thank you very much for this great support. Without your aid, we would not be doing so well in stoves or anything else. It all takes pesos, and we do not have any.

Your help is much appreciated.

On behalf of all the NAHUATL families who have been benefitted with an ecological stove, through these years, I want to thank you so much for all your help and support.

You and your people have made a big difference in the lives of many
women and children.

Thanks to the generous contributions, you have made a pleasant change in our lives. I mention women and children because it is they who spend much time in the cooking area of their houses/huts. It is they who have to inhale the black smoke from the firewood.

It is they who get ear, nose, eyes, and throat infections.
They also get asthma and lung cancer.

Thank God there are still nice people in the USA and throughout the world who care and help those who are less fortunate. We hope (and pray) that all of you will continue helping us. We need you.

We pray to God to reward you plenty.

We need your helping hand, always.We have no other source of support.

Only you.

It is my pride to say that, as of this date, I have made over 1,400 stoves in four counties, for the last eight years. This means counties in our State, and also in our neighbor State of Hidalgo.

There are many NAHUATL families awaiting their turn to have stoves made. As you may remember, I have the will, the time and the vehicle to continue doing my work with the natives. But I do not have the money.

Please help me so that I can help them.

Right now, I have requests for about 600 stoves, in many villages. Word got out that I am making a stove that uses very little wood and the smoke is no longer in the cooking area. And now, many more people want one.

The NAHUATL love their women and their children very much, and if there is something that will improve their lives, they are willing to try it.

But they do not have the money to buy the material with. Neither do I. So, we all turn to you and to your good-will and generosity. And to your warm hearts.

Dear amigos, Tamazunchale alone has about 62,000 NAHUATL natives in 158 villages. The severe drought that we had this year made things much worse for all of us.

The natives just barely have enough pesos for black beans and corn. Minimum wages in this area is 80 pesos per day. That is about seven US dollars.

Thank God it has begun to rain now, but it is going to take a long timeto get back to normal.

Thanks again, for spreading the Give to Live message around the world.

Through this book, people who never knew about us and our great needs, have been graciously and generously sending money through my dear amigo, Dr. Richard Barrett to assist us all. Some of the money from the book sales also comes our way, and this is very helpful.


(available at

We need all the help we can get.

I cannot thank everyone enough. All the faceless people throughout the world, are easing our suffering that we have had to carry on our backs for so many years.

We thought we would never find somebody who would look down upon us, analyze our needs and lend a helping hand. Such as Dr. Barrett.

Thank you, all of you.

Here is a NAHUATL thought for all of you to share:

Which means "Thank you very much. God bless you".
Greetings and best wishes to all of you, dear amigos.

Bye now,



As Rudy said, help is continually needed. By telling everyone you know via e-mail or regular mail or even phone calls about Give to Live, not only will the Nahuatl people benefit but the entire world.

We don't say this casually. Give to Live is making significant changes in the world. But we must keep sending out the message. Please get your friends and families on board to create the movement that will change them and others.

Tell them they, too, can have their own Give to Live e-book by signing up at Once they sign up, they will receive a confirmation e-mail to confirm their subscription to Give to Live.Once they confirm, they will receive an e-mail with the link to download the Give to Live book.

Serving You,
Dr. Rick Barrett

P.S. If you would like to donate to the Stove Project please visit www.missionsofhope for more information. Thank you!

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