Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Think I'm Becoming A Psychic

My mom said something that struck me as hilarious, and I couldn't stop
laughing! But before I tell you what it was, I want you to know that she
gave me permission to share our conversation. We were driving through
the Texas Hill Country's winding roads and having a nice conversation.
It was one of those moments when suddenly and unrelated to anything
we were discussing, a zinger one liner came out. Ok, so here it is. She
said, "I think I'm becoming a psychic...I know things that aren't going
to happen!" Well I almost broke a rib and wrecked the vehicle I laughed
so hard. But mom couldn't understand why I was laughing. I said psychics
usually predict things that are going to happen, so what do you mean that
you can predict things that aren't going to happen? (I could tell she was
serious about this.) "Well, for example," she said, "When Kathy (my sister)
was planning to take me to New Jersey this year...I knew it was never
going to happen. And it didn't." Of course, I had to agree with that one.
Quite a few other things got in the way of that trip. And it really didn't
happen. And then she said, "You know Patricia was supposed to move
this weekend and she didn't...well, I knew it wasn't going to happen!"

Oddly enough, the more we talked, I started to move closer to
understanding what she meant. What's interesting is that I can't seem to
get that line out of my head..."I think I'm becoming psychic, I know things
that aren't going to happen". It's such a rich and compelling statement.

What if we all had the ability to know with absolute certainty that
"something wasn't going to happen"? Well, it would save us a lot of hardship,
suffering, and wasted time. We could redirect our energies appropriately.
Instead of saying affirmations, setting intentions, and taking action towards
something that will never come to fruition, we could focus on other areas.
For example, you may be interested in pursuing a particular job, a trip, a
new business venture, or a new love. You start dreaming, wishing, planning,
and then acting on this thing you want so badly but...bam! A psychic prediction
suddenly flashes into your brain! NO this is not for you! This will definitely
not happen. Now, it may be disappointing and even painful for a little while,
but then the possibilities of what you can have become clearer, more real,
more defined, and more in focus. In other words, knowing what we can't
have makes what we can have clearer!

Remember being a child? There were all kinds of things you couldn't have
or allowed to do. It's like being in a toy store. You're hooked on wanting
one toy, maybe a new train, but your parents say "Nope, no way! It's not
going to happen; you are not getting a new train!" At first you're upset, but
guess what, we just eliminated one toy you can't have, yet there are still
endless satisfactory alternatives. There are electric guitars, drum sets, video
games, and on and on. Some may be even better than what you originally
wanted. Knowing what you're not going to get is very powerful. It allows
you to choose other things that you can have!

By process of elimination, you become very clear in what you want and
can have because you've removed the things you can't have from your
visual field.

I'm a huge believer in possibilities. Mind over matter, believing in yourself,
overcoming the odds, having high expectations, miracles, eradicating limiting
beliefs...well, you get the point. But I also know that there are some things
that won't ever happen and I don't have to have psychic abilities. A 90 year
old will never have the body of an Olympic athlete. This doesn't mean he/she
shouldn't exercise, lift weights and strive to improve their muscles and health.

An apple tree will never produce bananas no matter how intensely we
believe, pray or try and will it to happen.

One should strive to accomplish their dreams but clean up the things that
are cluttering up their lives, and impeding success. Stop focusing on what
we can't wastes time, energy and limits growth and possibilities in
other areas.

Why generate a lot of strife and bemoan a lost job, opportunity or love?
Forge on. Create something else that you can be assured of having success

Much like gardening--clean up the weeds to unveil the beautiful flower
that lay hidden. Care for it, nurture it and allow it to blossom. Get rid of the
weeds in your garden that are stifling the beauty and magnificence in you
that is waiting to be set free.

Clearly define what you don't want, but put your attention on what it is you
really do desire. Maintain enthusiasm, stay grateful for what you do have
and take specific action towards what you desire. As we have all heard
many times before--you create your reality. What are you creating today?

I'm not sure I'll ever become psychic and know things that aren't going
to happen, but with an endlessly abundant Universe, the things that are
possible are astronomical!
Have a blessed, prosperous and healthy New Year!!

Dr. Rick Barrett

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Barbara S - Foster City said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Just this morning I let go of one of the things in my life I know I won't get. I can now focus my attention on what I know I can have. But your story allows me to look at it in an even more expansive view. My committment in 2010 is to release those things in my life that no longer serve me, with the intention of freeing up my energy to serve others.