Sunday, September 11, 2011

Could You Do This?

Or this...

Nicki and Myra are incredibly gifted dancers and generously give me some credit for keeping them performing at optimum levels, and minimizing the pain that a rigorous dance schedule pummels their bodies with.  They are the talent, of course.  It’s all them!  I’m just happy that they entrust me to provide chiropractic care and nutritional counseling to them.  Could you do that with chiropractic care?  Some of you could.

I know I couldn’t.  If I tried dancing like that I’d be crippled for life.  These ladies are dedicated, and practice, practice, practice!  Years of training allow them to make these moves look effortless!  I’m amazed by their talent.

But even if you and I can’t do that…we can do other things.  We all desire to live our lives to the fullest with as little pain as possible, and stay healthy!  This can be…achieved!

Myra and Nicki value chiropractic care to improve their health, keep them operating at peak performance, minimize damage to their bodies and just plain stay healthier!  In other words, improve longevity in a healthy way.  Getting older will happen; the trick is to stay young while doing it.

These two women are incredible dancers…athletes and celebrities in their own world.  You may not know them, but you would recognize the names of some major celebrities who also use chiropractic care.  Perhaps you’ve heard of these people:  Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Lance Armstrong (in his book, Lance gives much credit to his chiropractor for his success), Arnold Schwarzeneeger and a virtual endless list of performers in all genres.

In fact, a past spokeswoman for chiropractic and avid user of chiropractic care since she was a child, is former Ms. Fitness, USA, Sarah Harding.

 See one of Sarah's fitness competitions here:

You know that athletes and other celebrities put their pants on the same way you and I do.  They’re human.  But performers will do whatever it takes to succeed.  Many use chiropractic to reach the level of success they desire and keep themselves at the top of their game.  What makes them different, perhaps, is that when they encounter a health challenge they handle it immediately.  It’s the difference between success and failure, winning and losing.  Isn’t it interesting that so many choose to utilize the benefits of a specialist in spinal care…a chiropractor?

I’ve had the great privilege to care for thousands of patients, average people like my own family, medical personnel (medical doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, massage and physical therapists, pharmacists, dentists, surgeons and more), lawyers, clergy, priests, ministers, rabbis, aerospace (NASA) engineers and personnel, four mayors, city council members, government and law enforcement personnel (FBI, police, sheriffs), the young (two days old) to the elderly (you’re never too young, too old, fragile or brittle, but the care is different), postal workers, fire personnel and EMT’s.  CEO’s and, yes, even a few downright celebrities and pro athletes.

I don’t know if there’s a person in a profession I haven’t treated.    All in all…very regular folk.

Why am I sharing this?  No, it’s not to boost my ego.  It’s to let you know people are people.  We all need help; we all have the right to HEALTH, but health is a choice.  Intelligent people choose wisely.

If you haven’t utilized chiropractic care lately to stay healthy, then maybe it’s time to get a check up!

If you live locally and would like to avail yourself of chiropractic care, why not give us a call and…come to the chiropractor you wish you had in your family!

Be the celebrity of your life…be a champion…to yourself and your family!

Yours In Health,

Dr. Rick Barrett

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P.P.S.  Don’t be stingy, like one of my patients who refused to let his golf buddies know why his game had dramatically improved.  Now he was winning!  Tell others about chiropractic care and all the benefits!

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Shlomo Baron said...

Wow. Those are amazing talents. Great women and advocates of chiropractic care,what a powerful duo. Thanks for sharing those nice pictures and the story behind them.