Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Just Wanted to Share Something Fun...

As I've said many times before, I am blessed to have a great chiropractic practice full of wonderful, talented, loving and giving patients.  It is the patients who truly give me the strength to continue to do what I do and have fun with it.  Because, believe me, the insurance companies do their best to make patients, doctors and their staff miserable.  I love coming to the office every day.  It's a blessing to be a part of helping someone heal.

Often times, patients give me wonderful gifts of appreciation.  It could be cookies, home made gluten-free zucchini bread, bourbon (okay...forget I said that one, alcohol is very, very bad) or just a thank you card with a personal message.

Well, just the other day, my patient Maurice, brought me a poem that he had written for me.  It's so great I just had to share it with you.  Maurice writes poetry of all kinds, is an opera aficionado, sings, etc.  He has a powerful, captivating British voice which I find delightful especially when he reads his writings.  Believe me, when I read his works out loud, it is a pitiful a kitten's meow compared to a lion's roar.

Maurice truly breathes life into the piece.  I think he could make one cry if he read the ingredients on a cereal box out loud.  Obviously, I'm attempting to verbally illustrate the power, grace and elegance of his voice and likely failing.  So with no further gift from Maurice...

My Chiropractor Dr. B
High on my list of those who've influenced me
Would be my chiropractor Dr. B
I've known him now for more than twenty years
He's eased my pain and calmed my fears
I know he's passionate about his work
A true believer who would never shirk
Biblical injunctions to those in need
Who barely have the means themselves to feed
Much less to pay for treatment only he
Inspired by charity can give for free
This gives me comfort, hope and confidence
To lie upon his couch, so much less tense
God knows it takes a lot of faith, by heck
To let a man manipulate your neck
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I.  Thank you Maurice and to each and every patient who has blessed me by allowing me to be part of your healing experience.
Dr. Rick Barrett

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