Thursday, June 20, 2013

Here's Another One For The "We Just Can't Win" Category

You know not to go outside because the sun's UV rays can kill you dead in an instant.  (O.K....slowly damage you over many years and then kill you.)  That's if sodas, tobacco, alcohol, gluten, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, genetically modified foods, drugs (medical and non), pesticides, hormones, herbicides, car wrecks, fire, electricity, terrorists, boating accidents, plane crash, asteroids, or gang bangers don't kill you first.

What you probably don't know is that going green either voluntarily or by force, by switching from regular incandescent harmless never hurt anybody and works great.  Oh yes, and cheap regular old light bulbs to those irritating, ugly, annoying to the eyes, twirly fluorescent expensive light bulbs, you could be causing serious damage to yourself and need to lather on the U.V. sunscreen inside your home or office!

I'm crazy?  ...You say.  Well, you might be right.

But apparently someone has spent some money for Stony Brook University to research compact fluorescent bulbs.

What they suggest:  use a lamp shade (of course not clear) or keep the light two to three feet away from you.

Maybe Coppertone can cut a deal with G.E. to package sunscreen with every bulb sold. 

Just thought you should know.

Stay Healthy,
Dr. Rick Barrett

P.S.  I'm waiting for the next million dollar lawsuit here.  Don't laugh!  It's coming.  I think I'll call my lawyer now and cash in!

SBU Study Reveals Harmful Effects of CFL Bulbs to Skin

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