Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Room to Grow

Now… (If you haven’t already done it), is a good time to purge and start fresh.

We all do it…accumulate “things’, “stuff”, useless out of date items.  Those things we save and hang on to because…we may use it someday.

This accumulation is true for our emotions, people, habits, and beliefs, too.  Now is the time to take a deep, thoughtful look at one’s life and surroundings and start anew.  I’m in that process now.

I've been a bit overwhelmed this past year (2014) with, let’s call it “life circumstances”.  It was my lost year.  It chewed up my time, energy, emotions, money, etc.
I want to thank all my patients, staff, friends and family that made it better and helped us through 2014.  I am truly grateful.  Now it’s time to break into 2015 and make it a stellar year!

A lifetime of collecting “things” is a bit overwhelming.  Especially when the collection includes over 25 years of chiropractic, nutrition and health information (articles, magazines, books, cassettes, video tapes, DVDs, CDs and more)

Oh yes, I still have the lighted 18 foot chiropractic sign from my previous office that couldn’t be used on my new building.  Anyone want it?

Right now, I’m purging many things…mostly paper.  It’s got to go.  But I’m also discarding and clearing out bad or useless habits, negative beliefs, and yes, even people that aren’t uplifting, or are false in their behavior or actions, or don’t share the same values.
Basically, anything that doesn't serve me or my family in the positive and healthy course I want to pursue in my life.

Clutter in our lives, whether it be an overloaded closet, junk drawers, boxes in the garage, emotional, mental baggage or people will only serve to waste our precious time and block goodness and abundance from entering our lives that bring ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

I am privileged to have contact with a large group of people in my practice and it’s always fascinating at the beginning of a new year to hear their many goals and feelings about the new year ahead.

One patient chooses a word at the start of each year.  Last year it was courage.  This year it’s open.

I love the idea of doing this.  No elaborate resolutions to possibly fail at.  Just one simple word.  Open is a wonderful word with magnificent possibilities.  Open to change, open to new ideas, open to learn, open to people in her life, open to endless possibilities for growth and happiness.

Often times in life one chapter must end for a new one to begin.  Being open to the idea of cleaning out old unused, outdated physical and emotional clutter, letting go of our death grip on these things allows us to be like an innocent child at Christmas awaiting the return of Santa Claus with new, fresh, clean, exciting gifts.  Open to the wonder of it all and knowing absolutely that good things are coming.

I am in that process of discarding and being—open.

While cleaning out files at the office, I came upon some special notes and cards that patients have given me over many years.  Yes, I’ve kept them all.  Now it’s time to let go of them.  Physically, but never emotionally.  They are very special to me and remain in my heart…always.

Here’s one I’d like to share…

Dear Dr. Barrett,

Thank you for being so helpful, considerate and kind.  You have made my life so much better in the last 3 months of receiving your treatments-and I know the people you have just helped on your recent mission have been blessed because of your care for others.
Happy Thanksgiving to you, your staff and all of your patients.  And thank you for sharing and spreading happiness and good health.

Thank you-God Bless.



And here’s another…

Dear Dr. Barrett,

While waiting for inspiration to write on this card, I happened to notice the book, “Heart Tales”, and read it.  It occurred to me that the most gratifying work for an adult is that which emanates from the joyous child’s heart which we all retain.  It appears to me that your business, your patient work flows from that perfect place of a child’s heart and love.
Bless you and your employees, patients and their families.


I am truly grateful for those and many other notes and verbal compliments my staff and I have received over the years.  My patients have been a wonderful blessing in my life, allowing me to participate in caring for them.  Certainly, I have not had the ability to provide pain relief and healing to everyone’s satisfaction.  Only God can do that one.  But God has allowed me to be successful in the majority of patients I see.

I thank all patients for the opportunity to be your chiropractor and nutritional advisor.  I will continually strive to do the best job I can for you, and those whom you refer to me.

I am open
…to any suggestions on improving my service to you as we go into 2015.

Blessings for great health,

Dr. Rick Barrett

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