Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mission Possible!!!

It’s almost time!!! We are traveling to Mexico from April 18th to the 26th. Our goals:
1)To help build a much needed school in a colonia near Arteaga Mexico. This project was started by Dr. Nathalie Fiset. To learn more visit We will also provide some natural care through chiropractic.

2)To help build much needed stoves for the indigenous Nahuatl in the remote areas of Tamazunchale, Mexico. We will also provide chiropractic care to the people. Our friend, Rodolfo Reyes, creates a list for all those who want a stove. After he teaches and has the first person to participate in building the family’s stove, it then is the responsibility of that person to aid in building the next family’s stove. So all the community comes together and shares in the work of creating something new for one another. The wood gathering is an ordeal as the men cut wood daily to stoke the fires for cooking. The quantity of wood needed for their existing “stoves” is larger than the circumference of your arms if you held them in front of you to form a circle. This large bundle of wood is carried by the men from a strap around their forehead that hangs on their backs. Can you imagine cutting and carrying wood like this everyday of your life just to cook your food? One bundle of wood is needed per day, but with the new stove, one bundle will last seven days! This is a huge savings to the environment and to the amount of work the people have to do.

To learn more about this project visit

An exciting and upcoming project: Orlando O’Neil, an independant filmmaker and author of “Ultimate Learning Program”, myself and a great friend of mine, Dr. Joe Vitale ( are working on a movie and book about humanity. I would like to tell you more….stay tuned!

Some of you have helped with our mission projects before and know that any contributions go directy to these projects. We are not a 501K, but we ensure all donations go to these much needed projects.

If you can help (any amount will be appreciated), please send donations to:
Dr. Rick Barrett
2853 Dulles Avenue
Missouri City, TX 77459
As always, thank you for your support in this important cause!

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