Saturday, July 11, 2009

Phantom Encounter...

The other night, I connected with the other side! Encountering and interacting with a spirit-- a Phantom. It was a moving experiencing. Three others experienced it too. But I believe I had the best vantage point. In fact, I was the one commanding the Phantom to do my bidding. Directing her to follow my lead. With a mere gesture of my hands she went where I wanted her to go.

What did she look like you might wonder? She was blacker than the darkest night. Black on black. She was sleek, sweet, with beautiful lines and whispered as she glided from one place to the next. She was a marvel to behold as she enveloped us and allowed us to play with her.

This may not exactly be the mystical experience you're imagining. Though my experience with the Phantom was quite magical even heavenly.

The Phantom wasn't some disembodied etherial entity that couldn't be touched. No, she was solid in form, the Phantom was a Rolls Royce.

This perfectly crafted automobile is the other side of everything you've ever experienced in a vehicle. The other side of mundane, the ordinary or normal.

I had the extreme pleasure and fortune to be her driver and become one with her. For a little while at least. A very special Mastermind took place in this Phantom Rolls Royce with my friend, Joe Vitale. Two other special guests had the privilege of being chauffered in the car and delivered to and from an exquisite, sumptous dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

For five hours, we brainstormed business ideas, product development, book writing, inventions, achieving ones full potential, breaking from lack and limiting beliefs, experiencing gratitude and much, much more.

Joe is an author, entrepreneur, writer and a Phantom rider. He enjoys riding in his beautiful Rolls. Oh, Joe likes to drive too. But I really love to drive. I am a driver. I've been a car guy since childhood.

Loving them ( I know you can't love something inanimate, but I do), rebuilding them, appreciating them, racing them. Cars are beauty, power, passion, art. They are exotic, classy, exhilerating and so much more. The Phantom Rolls Royce is all of these.

Joe created a unique opportunity for a select few. A Mastermind to take place in his Rolls Royce. He has successfully helped people break through to new levels.

Anything from improved personal lives to improved businesses.

When I was invited to be Joe's special guest and drive the Phantom, I was thrilled! Not merely to drive the car, but to contribute to the Mastermind.

I enjoyed interacting with two very special, intelligent, spiritual and lovely people.

The Rolls Royce Mastermind is hard to explain. It's one of those things that until experienced, you don't realize to what magnitude it impacts your life.

I've driven the Phantom before and loved it.

But this was different in some way. The energy was different--better.

I've been in Masterminds before, but this went beyond the usual. Certainly it was unique.

I've also known Joe for over fourteen years. We talk, discuss life and brainstorm frequently. But there was something magical that occured by putting all these different elements together; the handpicked people, the car, the private dining room and an intention to create something extraordinary from this night. It was a focused high energy. Something like mixing chemicals in a lab and watching an extreme reaction occur.

I know every one of us grew from the experience.

One truly has to live it to comprehend the benefit realized from the experience. I highly recommend this Mastermind to everyone.

I know Joe can be persuaded to bring the Phantom experience back to Houston. However, his schedule is unbelievably busy and booking up rapidly. He's booked to go to Russia, Poland, Ecuador, and do a book signing with me in Wimberley, Texas on August 1st, and more...I can't even keep track. But there may be a few spots still open.

The Phantom rider Mastermind is limited to only two people. If you desire to be a future candidate to experience this Phantom Mastermind phenomenon in Houston, Texas, let me know. I'll speak to Joe and see what can be arranged.

P.S. Hope to see you at the book signing for Give to Live; The Real Secret to Manifesting Life's Rewards.

It will be held at Rancho Deluxe in Wimberley, Texas on Saturday, August 1st from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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