Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swine Flu in Peru

Recently I travelled to Peru where surprisingly I was confronted with the absurdity of swine flu overreaction, useless false protection and propaganda once again. I thought that the media and governmental hype to the swine flu pandemic had subsided. Not so. I guess like a bad urban legend, it continues to course through communities throughout the World. I’m not sure if the fallacies will ever totally die or the truthful realities ever rise to the top.

So why was I upset about swine flu in Peru? Because they are perpetuating misinformation and fear in people.

While in route to Lima, the flight attendants handed out the usual entry documents to be filled out along with an extra one. This was a mini health history regarding the swine flu. Did I have it? Was I being treated? Do I have symptoms? Where do I live? Have I been in contact with anyone who has it? I was shocked! Then after landing, they restricted us from leaving the plane until we listened to a message from the Department of Health regarding swine flu. I can’t understand what is said when they speak over the intercom in English let alone Spanish! So it wasn’t helpful.

I was also given this little guide. What are your thoughts about it? Is it helpful? Does it give enough information to prevent or fight the flu? Was it really worth the manpower, energy and dollars they spent to produce it? Personally, I think it’s worthless.

I was shocked going through the airport to see how many people were wearing masks. Not just travelers, but airport employees. Guess what else? Some wore latex gloves! Were they required to do so? Or was it their own idea? I wondered.

The next day, I went to a supermarket near the hotel to purchase water and explore a Peruvian grocery store. Once again, I was shocked to see store employees wearing masks! By the way, wearing a mask does not provide protection. Perhaps those who wear a mask already are contagious and graciously trying to protect the rest of us from—whatever they might have. But I don’t think so.

What will our future look like…I wonder? Will people be working in full blown HAZ. MAT. suits with portable decontamination equipment and isolation tents? Maybe they’ll have syringes in holsters like cowboys ready to inoculate anyone at the first hint of a cough, sneeze or other symptoms.

A few days later, we flew to Cuzco. There, I saw no one wearing masks. Perhaps Cuzco citizens are immune? Back in Lima, I inquired to some of the Lima airport personnel regarding how long they needed to wear the masks. Answer: everyday, all day for an indefinite period of time. I really wonder when this will die down and logic will prevail.

Since the swine flu problem surfaced, I’ve been trying to quell fears in patients, friends and family. The death and doom mongers really have done a great job creating a worldwide fear that I’m not certain will ever disappear. Is this flu really that devastating? Should we be on a heightened alert? Can our immune systems fight it? Is it a creation of drug companies to sell more medications and vaccines? These and other questions can be answered most satisfactorily. I’ll get to that in a moment.

As with most things, there is always going to be lots of opinions, some facts, and lots of fiction. Deciphering these can often times be difficult. Whether you analyze this swine flu situation, or the next flu, cold or public health risk is…remember some basic truths…You are an amazing, incredible being with power to overcome, heal and be well! Health comes from inside you. While it’s true, we do need outside help from time to time, the quality and kind of intervention is extremely critical. Most of the time, the answer is not in the drug of the day that the pharmaceutical companies are trying to push.

I was never concerned about the swine flu for myself, friends or family. Nor am I concerned with seasonal flues, bird flues or the like… and I don’t get flu shots! I travel to Mexico frequently and so do friends. In fact, I have friends that live there and I’m still not concerned as long as their immune systems are strong. Some of my patients were truly panicked about the swine flu and some are still very concerned, but what people still don’t understand is that it’s the strength of the individual’s immune system to fight off and kill invaders of the body—daily—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of our lives! If our nervous and immune systems are compromised, weak, failing, susceptible…you pick the word…then we are in trouble.

Why haven’t I ever received a flu vaccine and never will? Because it is useless! There are too many strains of the influenza virus. I care for my nervous and immune systems naturally, to keep them as healthy as possible. When my body has been exposed, then I again, work at allowing my body to fight it naturally. How? With immune system builders like vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, massage, body detoxification and chiropractic spinal adjustments to name a few.

Why does one person get sick and another not when exposed to the same foreign invader?--simply, the strength or health of that individual. There are many ways to safely fortify our selves daily and mount ineffective counter attack to foreign invaders safely without turning towards risky medications that are unproven and have deadly consequence. Or at the very least, cause the same symptoms that the flu
virus causes begin with.

During the 1918 flu pandemic that ravaged the world and killed upwards of twenty million people, several of our family was counted amongst the dead. Though I wasn’t alive then, my father was. We discussed what happened many times. The swine flu is nothing like that pandemic.

Returning from Peru, I received a call from my cousin. His daughter spent a week at the hospital in ICU due to swine flu. While this hits close to home, I realize we must be vigilant in creating health and strong immunity in our bodies. Swine flu is not what the media and government has purported it to be. I am less concerned about it than the other seasonal flu strains that kill thirty to forty thousand people
every year!

Building health, maintaining wellness, allowing our bodies to experience life with all its dirt, grime, colds, flu, etc. creates immunity, strength and builds our natural defenses.

At my office, regular chiropractic adjustments for proper nervous system function are vital. A good multivitamin especially with B vitamins is crucial for the nervous system and whole body health. Anti-aging, preventative measures impact and targeted nutritionals for those times when we are exposed, and weak.

Some products I use and recommend to patients are: Nutriwest and Douglas Labs
Total VirX
Total Flu-Cld Nasal Spray
Ultra Preventitive X
Youth Juice

These are just a few. Contact me if you need help or go to our website to learn more about what I use to stay healthy.

Don’t think I’m indifferent to realistic concerns and fears or na├»ve about the swine flu or any other. I’m not—but let’s not panic. Do your research, use common sense, listen and react to legitimate sources of information.

One of the best resources for straight and truthful swine flu information comes from our friend, Dr. Mercola. Please read his article then pass this information on to others so we can stop needless panic and learn the truth. Not just for the swine flu, but for the next ______demic.

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Serving You,
Dr. Rick Barrett

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Alyssa said...

Agree with you on that. When it first started, the paper (El Comercio, the most reputable in Peru) wrote. "300plus new swine flu victims"* follow the mark down the page, and in tiny letters (only 7 confirmed). Outrageous! But still, the measures taken (not the masks, but the insistence of the health ministry, that calls anyone showing symptoms every hour to check on temperature!) have been helpful as we have much fewer victims than other american countries such as Chile, Mexico, or even USA , though not completely sure about that one.
Great post!