Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Secret Project

Machu Picchu Peru, where an ancient Incan city once existed is a breathtaking, magical place. If you can't feel God there, you may have a serious problem. Nature connects us with God and this place turbo charges that connection, almost instantaneously. Perhaps the ruins of an ancient civilization and the spirit of the people accentuate the feelings, the connection, and the experience.

But whatever it is, it's hard to describe. Fate has brought me there twice and yet I yearn to return. Awe, peace, tranquility, creativity, and inspiration all collide there. It is an essential travel destination everyone should experience. One for the bucket list for sure!

This past trip I was blessed to stay at what felt like the top of the world...The Sanctuary Lodge. It's positioned beautifully in the mountains at the foot of the ancient Incan city. Just the name should give you a sense of what my two traveling companions, Joe Vitale, Mark Ryan, and I felt and experienced.

Even Joe being a master wordsmith still can't fully express the emotions, the almost out of body experience that Machu Picchu evokes from a person. It is a mystical place.

While there, conversations and emotions took us in many directions. We were inspired to discuss blessings and gratitude, how beliefs create our realities and the topic of giving and receiving. We discussed how and why people have self imposed limitations about giving and serving and that others don't recognize giving and the ability to receive as an essential component to their ability to grow and prosper. We also discussed how people can clear their blocks to receiving...very simply.

It was then and there we decided to work on a secret life changing project...to create a solution for people who are "stuck" in their lives.

Thankfully, Mark had his professional video camera with him and filmed Joe and I discussing giving. But he also captured the magnificence of Machu Picchu in such a way that you believe you are actually walking the paths of the ruins. You feel you are there. What was created from that experience is absolutely life changing. It's a must have video.

Even for those that believe they don't need it. Well...especially for those that believe they don't need it.

Mark masterfully created a truly spectacular subliminal DVD. Anyone interested in personal growth and societal change will immediately love and benefit from this DVD. Marks expertise in hypnosis, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and subliminal video skills are used in this DVD to encourage our brains reticular activating system, to begin opening and seeing the abundance and wealth in our possession, in so many areas of our lives. As you watch and use this video you begin to see your world through new eyes...eyes that begin to believe and see that you are always getting all that you desire and deserve...by learning how to properly receive.

The reticular activating system locks in and only lets you see what your belief system accepts as reality. If you don't believe it, you can't see it!

This means that you can already have what you've tried to manifest in your life...right in front of you. But because this part of your brain doesn't believe in it, this system will lock you out of experiencing what you don't believe you deserve!

This special subliminal manifestation DVD teaches your unconscious mind to shift making the RA's open up, to train it to work with the natural flow of giving and receiving. Being a person who is in a continual serving/giving mode and being part of this project doesn't exclude me from needing help too. Just like you, I am on a journey, a road of growth and discovery. You and I can't judge ourselves by the measurements or criteria of others, only by our own. This subliminal DVD is just one more tool that can be used to foster growth, change...¦improvement. It's not a tool that I think only you need. I believe everyone needs it, including Joe, Mark and me.

My goal is to continually strive towards becoming a better person...the best version of me. I am open to using any tool that doesn't create harm and moves me in the right direction. I have watched this special subliminal DVD multiple times and plan to use it on a regular basis. Each time I watch it, I feel better, lighter, happier, more attractive...more connected. I notice something is different, but I can't quite express what it is. But it's similar to the sensation of finally drinking water after being extremely thirsty for a long time. All systems start to work better, energy is restored, life comes back, and the power is on!

Machu Picchu was a life changing, inspiring experience for us that birthed a subliminal manifestation DVD that we are confident will change lives forever- including the people who we have pledged to serve on a humanitarian level. Part of the proceeds will fund Rudy and the Nahuatl Indigenous Stove Project, the medical missions, Operation YES (helping the homeless) and any other humanitarian need that crosses our paths entering our hearts, such as Haiti or Chili and others that are bound to follow.

We have been very pleased to receive some wonderful e-mails like this from Lisa D.: "My husband and I just got done watching your Give to Live, Clearing Blocks to Receiving DVD. We love the informal setting, and the beautiful views of Macchu Picchu. Very peaceful and calming. We felt this was a perfect match to your book, Give to Live. This DVD gives a reader of the book, Give to Live, a more personal connection and understanding of the two of you. It also helps the reader to better understand what is really important in ones life. The gift of giving can be so rewarding and beneficial. Thank you for a GREAT book and a WONDERFUL DVD, we will watch it often."

Cynthia said, "Your DVD is thoughtful, innovative and just plain cool! I must thank you for bringing Give to Live into my life and the lives of so many who have benefited from its content. From my first look at the DVD, I was immediately taken with the concept of conscious choices and the impact of purposeful choices in achieving the results we desire in our lives. That and the model for successful receiving and opening up to allow our blessings to flow."

One woman told me that she was buying the DVD for her friend who was in great need of hearing the message of "Clearing Blocks to Receiving" through giving. Sometimes
we may sense there are friends or family who may need the message just a little more than we do. If you think of someone, give them a gift too. I promise, the act of giving to them will return great dividends to you both. But you already knew that!

Listen to your intuition, your heart...God. If this feels right to you, check it out, watch the video excerpt at

Then get one for yourself!

Wishing you great success, health and happiness,
Dr. Rick Barrett

P.S. The DVD includes:

A 4 minute introduction
A 25 minute interview between Joe Vitale and me and...
A 20 minute Master Subliminal "Clearing Blocks to Receiving"

Mark, Joe and I know you will enjoy the DVD! Please let us know what you experience!

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