Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Ultimate Giver

Today is Easter Sunday. A day when all Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ...the Son of God. Those of you who are non-Christians please stay with me for a moment. My intent here is not to proselytize, but simply to use Jesus, the man, as an example of the ultimate servant...the ultimate giver.

The life of Jesus, short as it was revolved around honoring and loving God the Creator. He preached peace, love, caring for the poor, leading a life of goodness, honoring life and loving others as one would love themselves.

Jesus was a model giver and servant. He stood for something greater than himself and willingly died for the salvation of all humanity.

Is their a greater gift than giving one's life for another?

Naturally, I can't feel what a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Jew, non-Christian or anyone else, for that mattter, feel on this day. But I am hopeful that we can all use Jesus as an example of how to BE.

This Easter weekend gives me yet another opportunity to reflect on my life. To evaluate the direction I'm headed and make any course corrections needed.

I get to ask, who am I and what do I stand for? How much am I willing to sacrifice for others...daily...or in a grand way? Could I have the compassion, the strength and courage of Jesus...even one tenth the courage?

Life, as you know, is made up of a series of opportunities, decisions, and choices. At the end of the day, at the end of a life, perhaps all we can hope for is that the good decisions out weigh the bad ones. That we've done more good than harm, and showed more love than hate.

My wife has decided that in her death, she wishes to go on helping others. While she and I have spoken about this before, it has just become official. It just became more real to me. She showed me her newly arrived donor card. When Mary's spirit leaves this world, her body will continue to give life to others. It will be her last gift of love.

On this day and every day, I pray each of us has the courage to be a better person, to break through the shackles that bind us to any belief that is harmful to another.

Give more! Love more! Be more!

Dr. Rick Barrett

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