Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Patient That Made Me Cry!

Yes, I admit it. Tears welled up in my eyes and I had to clear my throat after Chad handed me a framed photo of himself. It was just another routine visit to the chiropractor for Chad, his wife and family. But this day, he surprised me with a note encased in a frame with a photo of him finishing the Houston Marathon. His first! I was thrilled to see his picture. Arms victoriously held high with a huge smile of accomplishment on his face. Then I read the heartfelt note below it. I was very touched. Chad, of course, did all the hard work. He was dedicated to his goal and achieved it. This is what Chad wrote…

I completed my first marathon, 26.2 miles, in five hours and sixteen minutes. It was one of the most painful, yet rewarding experiences in my life. I was considered a hero because I ran for the charity, Bo’s Place.
Dr. Barrett, you were a key part in this process. Along the way, you provided continual encouragement. Your energy around giving and helping others has flowed through me and to Bo’s Place, as well as all those around me. My family is truly blessed.

I consider you a friend and a God given gift to my family. Before I began training, the strength test you performed and supplements you provided pointed me in the right direction. During training, your chiropractic care kept me in alignment and I am positive—kept me stronger. After I completed the marathon, your loving words, “I am proud of you” continue to resonate in my soul.

From my ankles to my knees and from my hips to my lower back, every joint, muscle and tissue thanks you, Dr. Barrett, for your love and friendship. I also thank God for your talents that you continue to share and give so freely. You, Dr. Barrett, are the hero!

~Chad Collins and Family

I don’t consider myself a hero. I am humbled that Chad does. I’m just satisfied to have been a positive influence on his health and to be a part of his marathon success. It was fantastic to witness Chad’s growth through this process. I must say, I have one of the most gratifying careers in the world…participating in helping people with a myriad of health complaints overcome sickness, regain health, and improve the quality of their lives. Whether they run a marathon like Chad or are simply able to lift and hold their child without pain. I get to witness some amazing outcomes as the innate processes of the body restore function and health to the human body. I am truly blessed to be a part of so many lives!

It’s hard to put a price on Chad’s words or others like him who share their successes with me. I asked Chad if I could share this story and he happily gave me permission. Some may think I wrote this simply to feed my own ego, but not so. In my career as a wellness practitioner, I all too often encounter patients who seek my help after they’ve failed to overcome disease, pain or achieve the results they long for, are capable of and deserve. Other chiropractors experience the same. Such was the case of a young boy who suffered needlessly with a misdiagnosed childhood disease which created constant pain and episodic periods of immobilization for years. That is until a chiropractor, Dr. Terry Smedstad, gave this patient, (now a man), the answer to his lingering questions and a solution to his pain. In addition, wonderful side effects of increased vitality, improved health and a new vocation in life…to become a chiropractor and help others as he was helped. That boy was me! I continually give Dr. Smedstad full credit for changing my life. I’ve written the full story in my book, “Dare to Break Through the Pain; A Guide to Healing Naturally Without Drugs and Surgery” and “Healed by Morning”.

I can never thank him enough. He changed me forever and has given me the opportunity to change others. If I am a hero to Chad and his family, I understand and am grateful because Dr. Smedstad is a hero to me. Chad's story stands as a testament to what each of us is capable of. I am hopeful that it will inspire and encourage others.

I am confident that the people who need to hear this message…will, and lives will be changed forever.

To Chad…all I can say is, Thanks for being dedicated…not to me, but to yourself. And not just in this magnificent achievement, but daily. Also, for giving your family the gift of chiropractic care. You are all blessings to everyone you encounter and great examples for others to follow!

To all who suffer with pain or other health complaints, I say continue to seek help. There are solutions to your problems. It may take some effort but the rewards are great! The list of natural solutions are many…acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, chiropractic, meditation and prayer to name a few.

Think more natural; be involved in the daily task of staying healthy and being well!

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