Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Benign!

I know most people don’t have the guts (pun intended) to speak about their colon. But I do. I just had a colonoscopy. Found: One small polyp. Removed: one small polyp. Results…

It’s benign! So great news…I don’t need another colonoscopy for five more years…YEAH! Considering my sister had a large tumor removed two years ago, I was at risk.

Colon cancer can be cured or prevented.

The majority of polyps are benign…though, some can be cancerous.

According to the experts, the most effective approach to prevent colon cancer from developing is screening. However, I believe we should start preventing cancer well before screenings through a healthy lifestyle. This means good nutrition with a high antioxidant diet. Lots of fruits and veggies!

Since it’s hard to eat the massive quantities we need, I suggest good whole food products like Greens First by Wellness Watchers Global, LLC. and Youth Juice These are two products I use, but there are other good products available also.

Colon cancer rarely causes symptoms. This was true for my sister. A routine colonoscopy identified a problem. We didn’t know the extent of it until the surgeon said, “I just removed a tumor the size of a tangerine.” Can you imagine having that in your colon and not knowing it?

Mayo Clinic says one out of every 17 people will develop colon cancer. That’s scary, too! It’s the third leading cancer killer in the U.S. –about 50,000 people per year.

Ninety percent of people developing this type of cancer are fifty plus years of age. So that leaves ten percent who develop it younger. A good friend of mine lost his sister to this disease at 27 years of age! It’s tragic and does happen!

Risk factors include smoking, a high fat, low-fiber diet, sedentary lifestyle, and inflammatory bowel diseases and, of course, living in a toxic world. Since there’s a connection to inflammation, do everything possible to reduce it in the body especially the gut. In fact, inflammatory processes are behind most health problems. Even good foods can be harmful and create inflammation. A simple food allergy/sensitivity test will suffice and yield wonderful information as to which foods to avoid. Call my office if you want this test done. We’ve been using food allergy testing for about 16 years.

Also, use of high quality enzymes for digestion and repair. I use Transformation Enzymes out of Houston, Texas.

I know, most people don’t like to think about their colon and especially talk about it. We just eat, poop (sorry) and keep on going. “Out of sight, out of mind.” But please start taking your colon seriously. This really is an easy one to pay attention to. It really can be a matter of life and death. Get your colon checked…now!

I hope this has been helpful.

Wishing you great colon health!

Dr. Rick Barrett

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