Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meeting World Renowned Organist, Pavel Kohout

Did you know there is no musical connection between Bach and Bachman Turner Overdrive?  I'm sure you did.  If you like organ music you need to go to a performance by Pavel Kohout ( He was fantastic and is considered one of the most brilliant representatives of the new generation of European organists.  Pavel is from Prague in the Czech Republic where much of my family lives.  After the performance, we attended a very nice reception at the Czech Center Museum in his honor where I had the privilege of speaking with him for quite a while and yes, I spoke some Czech.  We had a great time.  Czech out his music (pun intended) at You'll enjoy it, even if you're a hard core Stevie Ray Vaughan or Joe Bonamassa fan like me!

P.S.  Wonder if mom has saved any recordings of my organ music!  If so, I'll send it to Pavel.  Maybe I can play in Prague, too.

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