Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's A Certified Music Practitioner? Find out by looking at the YouTube video I just posted.

Just posted a video to YouTube.  I speak to Gail Best, a certified therapeutic music practitioner.  After life changing events, Gail, a talented musician, reconnected with God and found her purpose in life.  She shares her gift of healing through music with the sick and dying.  I believe you'll be touched by what Gail says.  I think you will also be touched when you hear a sample of her music.  If you have an infirmed friend or family member, I highly encourage you to contact Gail.  She is a blessing to those in need.


SusanLisa said...

This interview was beautiful. I am feeling real peace having watched this. I have just become a volunteer with La Cruz Roja (Red Cross) here in Spain, and this video has helped me acknowledge how important voluntary work actually is, both to myself & others. I hope this video will help heal people who are ill and also inspire more of us to give. As you both say, giving brings great joy. Thank you.

David Burrows said...

I was glad to find this video about the kind of work I do as a Certified Music Practitioner in Denver, CO. Thanks Dr. Barrett for taking the time to feature the use of therapeutic music in our world.