Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good News and Update on Alfred!

You may remember that Alfred desperately needed help with his living situation. He is a highly educated and experienced psychologist of notable standing that has positively influenced many lives over his career. Through a series of very tragic and sad circumstances, he had everything stripped away from him and ultimately wound up living in a deplorable trailer in... the Texas hill country. This man has a tremendous amount still to offer our world. His only obstacle...age. It's hard to get a job at 88 years old.

Mary, some others and I have committed to helping Dr. Jones. Those of you who have supported our effort with prayers and financial resources have changed Alfred's life already. Perhaps saved it. I'm not exaggerating. He looks healthier and happier.

Mary and I have had several more opportunities to visit with him and I am amazed by him and by his stories.

In fact, on our last visit two weeks ago, I told him that the guy on the Dos Equis commercial should be stripped of his title, because Dr. Alfred Jones is actually the most interesting man in the world! He laughed and said, "Wait till I tell you about my father. He was a spy for the British. He was the most interesting man in the world."

All I can say Alfred has told us stories about Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher, several presidents and more. I've encouraged him to write about these things...that people would find it all fascinating. I believe he will.

He wrote a message with a request to deliver it to all of you. On behalf of Mary and I, thank you for helping save Alfred. You'll be amazed by him.

From Alfred:

Dear Friends of the clinic,

There is no way I can adequately express my appreciation for your kindness. My ability to continue with a life of service was cut short because of my inability at age 88 to manage daily living. My circumstances were at best difficult. With your help, I am now able to live in a much greater degree of comfort and return to my writing. I have to pace myself, but life is so much more productive both physically and emotionally.

I have agreed to share my life story as it pertains to two wars, my work with the World Health Organization and more importantly, my many years in the academic and Christian mission field in China and Korea. Because of your help, I am now able to continue the work of letting everyone know about America and what needs to be done in Asia.

With sincere gratitude,
Alfred Jones, Ph.D.

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