Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wow...I just got a really nice surprise! I received a text from a friend and former staffer that said I was voted the Best Chiropractor in Fort Bend by readers of Living The Vibrant Life Magazine. (Fort Bend edition- August issue) Thanks to everyone who voted! It's been an honor and blessing to have served our community for 20 years.

I've treated M.D.'s, nurses, police and fire personnel, dentists, FBI agents, Rabbis, Priests, clergy of all kind, several mayors, EMT's, business leaders, coaches, pro-athletes, amateur athletes, cross- country truckers, moms and dads, children, the elderly and so on.

I've always attempted to do my very best, treat all my patients with dignity and respect, and render care for them as if they were my family. My mom would say I should treat them better than I do my family...but that's another story.

Seriously, thanks go to every patient I've ever treated. My life is enriched by each of you. Now I need to go and get a copy of Living Magazine.

Dr. Rick Barrett

Living Magazine

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