Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clean Up your Act!

Spring is a time of re-birth!

No surprise there right?
It’s a universal time in which nature sheds the old winter coat, life is renewed and springs forth.  We humans clean the flower beds, remove debris, purge, repair, discard and generally clean up our living environment. 
But what about cleaning up our internal environment?  That’s right…our bodies.

Perhaps you never thought about it or maybe you have always meant to and just never got around to it.  Likely you already know some reasons to clean up your body.
Most of us share the same reasons.

Sure, you might have one or two more or less than someone else, but we’re all humans living in a toxic world with…
·         Air and water pollution
·         Eating poorly (not always your fault)
·         Smoking
·         Drinking alcohol
·         Sugary, refined carbohydrate diets
·         Medications, prescribed, over-the-counter, or otherwise
·         Free radicals
·         Additives and preservatives in food
·         Candies, cakes, etc.
·         Fast food
·         Sodas
Consuming other things that appear to be food but is not real food because it comes in bags and boxes loaded with chemicals.

I could likely write a twenty page letter of all the harmful garbage we eat, breathe, inject, or lather on our skin (the largest organ of the body), but I won’t.
Oh yeah, did you overindulge during Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah holidays, New Year’s Eve, someone’s birthday in the family or at the office and swore that once the new year was here you’d do better, but now it’s March and you’re losing the battle because time is slipping away?

(I know…huge run on sentence)
Obviously, you get the point.  I am not passing judgment; just saying we all could use a good cleaning out or up depending on your point of view.

Why not take time now to treat yourself right and detoxify your…
·         Liver
·         Gallbladder
·         Intestines
·         Joints
·         Muscles and…
…get all of it working better.  Your gut, brain, cardiovascular system and really every organ and system will appreciate it!  So will your loved ones!
The first quarter of the year is almost over.  So let’s go…let’s get started.  Don’t worry; I have several great ways to help you get “clean” by some of the best nutrition companies on the planet.  You don’t have to go to some fancy and expensive spa in the desert, mountains or beach.  You can do it as effectively (maybe more) and for considerably less money.  We use…
·         Standard Process 21-Day Purification
·         Biotics 10-Day Cleanse
·         Transformation Enzymes
I also have a very specific liver and gallbladder flush (this is a bit intense, but worth it).
Some of the problems people have to toxic overload are:
·         A stuffy feeling in the head
·         Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
·         Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset
·         Food cravings and weight gain
·         Reduced mental clarity
·         Low libido
·         Skin that’s not looking its best
Post cleanse patients anecdotally report:
·         Improved weight management
·         Increased energy and vitality
·         Better digestion
·         Less bloating
·         Clearer skin
·         Shinier hair
·         Better sleep
·         Clearer thinking
·         Better management of challenges related to natural toxin load in the body
As we age our bodies need more help.  It’s carried you this far on life’s journey serving you well.  To ensure you get the best performance possible for years to come…
Please consider doing a good detoxification cleanse.  Even the healthiest amongst us needs to cleanse.  I have everything you need at the office and I’ll guide you through the process.  Call the office now or drop by.  We’ll all support you and give you what you need.
As always, blessings for a healthy and abundant life! 

Dr. Rick Barrett
P.S.  Consider discussing this detoxification idea with a family member or friend.  Do it together, support one another and watch great health results unfold!

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