Friday, March 14, 2014

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A very important letter from my patient, Mary C., that may have relevance to you.  As I read the letter, I was struck with how relevant it is today as when she wrote it in 2006.  With Mary’s permission, here it is:

Dear Dr. Barrett and Staff,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the kindness and care you have extended to me.  I have been searching for a way to deal with my health issues using natural methods and thought about turning to Ayurvedic Medicine but because health insurance do not consider natural healing in their policies, I had no choice but to go with conventional medicine, until I came to you.  You are my answer to my health care.  There is no question in my mind.  You are not only teaching me how to care for myself, but helped me realize that health has no price tag, and I should not allow others to dictate what type of health care I need.  For years, I have been limiting my health care needs to what insurances determine for me, but my eyes have now opened, thanks to your enlightenment!

I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wellness program and I am committed to this type of care from now on because I feel strongly deserving of it.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me feel better than I have felt or even remember feeling in so long.  I will do my part in helping this healing process along.

Thank you very much, Dr. Barrett and best wishes to all of you for all your help and for making me feel at home when I am around you.  I wish you health and prosperity for always, and may the Spirit of God go before you to make sure and successful your way.

Love and gratitude,
Mary C.

Wasn’t that a beautiful letter?  I am still grateful for the letter and especially for Mary.  She continues still as my patient and is in wonderful health. 

There are several significant key points that apply to so many people.

Mary wanted natural methods to help resolve her health issues.  She was tired of none results and hearing medication was her only answer.  She felt trapped as though she had no choice but to use her health insurance.  Mary was allowing others to dictate how she would be treated.  She was not in control of her own healthcare decisions.

Because of money, Mary was allowing to be lead (herded) into treatment that she was not interested in.  Happily, I was on Mary’s insurance plan giving her an alternative means to approach her health problems.

Fortunately, she learned that there are wonderful solutions like chiropractic and nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and a belief system that allows you to be a powerful, spiritual and healing being.
Unfortunately, Mary is not in the minority.

People have been lead into a wonderland where magically insurance has paid for much of one’s healthcare needs.  But that system is about to change and it is a system built on sickness care NOT wellness care.

Chiropractic and nutrition protocols have long been a wellness care system.  The premise is to keep your body in a natural state of great health.  Handle health issues as they come along as naturally as possible.

Our new healthcare system will no longer pay for any procedure at the whim of a doctor or patient.
People must learn how to care for themselves better and be willing to pay for health themselves.
If you don’t think differently, you are in for big surprises.

The brilliant inventor, Thomas Edison was attributed as saying, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

• Get regular non pain chiropractic adjustments
• Allow me to help detoxify your body and show you what good nutritional products can do for you in improving and maintaining your health
• Let me design a program of wellness for you that includes a whole host of protocols you can use at home without a doctor
• Get tips and ideas from my blogs and website

Take control of your health and don’t let others decide what’s best for you.  But don’t have your head in the sand either.  I’m always here to serve you and yours and I always hope to be the chiropractor you wish you had in the family.

Blessing and Good Health!
Dr. Rick Barrett

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