Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike and us...

My staff and I just finished treating some of the most dedicated patients in the World! With hurricane Ike looming in the Gulf and water lapping over the sea wall in Galveston, these people dedicated to their health came in for their life enhancing chiropractic adjustments! YES! It's clear that their first priority is their health. A few years ago during hurricane Rita, Evelyn, while millions of people were gridlocked on the freeways, took all the back roads to my office and got her chiropractic adjustment. That's dedication! Well, she was the only patient that day. She instantly became my patient of the century! I've talked about that day so much, I guess other patients wanted to join her elite ranking. After all, how many people can say they received chiropractic care during a hurricane? In fact, I dare you to find too many chiropractors who are open. I know this either makes me dedicated or crazy...maybe a little of both. But sincerely, I want to thank Mary and Krystal for coming to the office today to make it all work. I realize most people are either leaving town or making preparations to weather the storm that will hit in a few hours. So don't feel bad about not coming in. You can make it up later. But obviously some people truly believe Barrett Chiropractic Clinic is the cool place to be during a hurricane!

Thanks go out to all of you, Kevin, Brian, Trish, Marlene, Linda, Nailya, Jill, Sharon, Kathy, Maxine, Jerrie, Miriam, Ashley and Jesus. I salute you! We at Barrett Chiropractic Clinic are praying for all our patients and their families and friends. And for everyone in the path of the hurricane. May we all be safe as we ride out the storm.

P.S. New area maps have jut been delivered to my office. Please come pick up your free map. Of course, I have a business card size ad on the map and I'm listed under physicians and surgeons. So, if you need a surgically precise chiropractic treatment...give me a call!

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