Monday, September 22, 2008

Patient Out For Doctor's Blood...

What could make a patient want a doctor's blood? They must really be angry right? No, it's not what you think. The patient isn't upset about a botched procedure, lack of caring, a medical mistake, or any number of other problems that sometime occur between a patient and their care giver. In fact, it's just the opposite.

This patient loves the doctor in question. It's her and her family's chiropractor for over 14 years--Me! Unfortunately, Alison needs a delicate surgery that requires enough of the right type of blood to be available for her. About 4:30 p.m on Wednesday afternoon, while treating patients, Mary rushed into my treatment room and shouted, "What blood type are you?" The response, "O negative, why?" "Alison's surgery is Friday and they can't do it unless she has more blood, your blood! Will you do it?"

Of course I said "yes" immediately. "Then you have to get to the blood bank by 6:00 p.m or it will be too late. I finished with a few more patients and rushed over to the blood bank. I did make it on time and successfully donated blood. I even have a blown out vein to prove it.

Alison is a precious, beautiful girl whose had health challenges since birth. She and her family are like family to me and staff members. Even my mom knows and love Alison and Sandy (her mom). In fact, the first thing my mother said was, "I wish I was there. I would give her my blood too!" She also has O negative blood.

The next day, I found out from Sandy that because of power problems at the hospital due to Hurricane Ike, Alison's surgery has been pushed to next week. So, I am once again soliciting all your prayers for Alison, the surgical team, and anyone involved in Alison's care and recovery.

Also, please remember blood is a precious commodity that is very much needed. Especially in times of crisis like Hurricane Ike. Please consider giving blood especially if you have precious blood like mine. O negative! Contact your local blood bank. They can use your help.

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