Friday, September 5, 2008

Photo of My Great Nephew and His First....

Hunter Rittweger was born July 11, 2008 to my nephew Adam and his wife, Shannon. Hunter is the first Texan on my side of the family. Coming from New Jersey, it's a little strange having "kin folk" from the south. My nephew, Adam, was born in Louisiana (which I still hold against him). Though it's his mother's fault. haha Anyway, back to Hunter. He's a great kid, healthy and happy. His parents are very smart because they've already started Hunter on chiropractic care to ensure his health. For many of you, this only makes perfect sense, but I know some of you are struggling with the idea.

First of all, the baby is obviously a little version of an adult. With a brain and nervous system that must function to it's highest and best capacity to regulate and control everything in the entire body. Any small misalignment of the vertebrae can potentially interfere with the neurological transmition of vital life developing signals. So no, he doesn't complain of back pain, or headaches and he hasn't lifted anything the wrong way and herniated a disc. Adjusting and molding his spine now is all about proper alignment, enhanced development and allowing his body's health to express itself to its best potential. Improving all his systems and giving him the best chance to be strong with strenghtened immunity.

It's preventative health care and life enhancement at its best. Why wait until he's broken to attend to his needs? Let's keep him healthy from the beginning and continue to manage health. Rather than the opposite which is managing sickness!

So to Hunter, we wish you the best health and happiness for a lifetime and all the blessings that God bestows upon you.

P.S. Here's a picture of Hunter receiving his first chiropractic spinal adjustment. The pressure is very light but extremely effective. To understand more about the nervous system, health, nutrition and why we are able to help childhood ear infections, colic and more visit our website at

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